My Agenda

Zimbabwe belongs to us all. Zimbabwe ndeyedu tese. iZimbabwe ngeyethu sonke. 

Our country needs a capable, accountable, transparent and responsible leadership that implements the vision of the Zimbabwe we want. 

This is our opportunity to transform our country through reconciliation, and socioeconomic empowerment. Together, all Zimbabweans can strive towards a future marked by stability, prosperity, and a better quality of life for all its citizens.

It’s time to Renew the country’s leadership, enshrine a new vision and aspirations to restore Zimbabwe’s glory. We need to implement and uphold the Constitution and respect the rights of all citizens.

It’s time to Reconcile. To put our past differences aside and embrace one another while acknowledging our failures and repair the damage that has been caused. The Gukurahundi question requires a permanent resolution, and peaceful closure, as with other past conflicts in our history.

It’s time to Reform our national institutions so that they deliver for the benefit of the majority in a transparent and accountable manner.

It’s time to Revive Zimbabwe and transform its economy to the benefit of all citizens. Zimbabweans should be at the heart of the leveraging of our national resources for sustainable inclusive economic growth and development.

It’s time to Rebuild. Let’s us rehabilitate and develop our infrastructure and improve the quality of life for all.

Vision & Aspirations

Youth Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Liberation War Heros

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